Direct Entry Into Schools Of Higher Education Students Tips To Choose

This is a common situation that you have to face. Every year, you have to select from a large group of 16-year olds, a few who automatically qualify to join institutions of higher education even before the final examinations.

This poses a big dilemma when these students have almost identical academic results and extra-curricular activities.

Are there other ways of trying to separate these teenage students and choose the most suitable to enter into the respective educational faculties?

Here are some tips that you should seriously consider.

Philosophical Questions

Firstly, you can create some philosophical or ethical questions to slowly see their own personal stand and bias. The coming new workplace will have a big portion of robotics and automation. Thus it is crucial to see if your candidates are not merely book-smart but am also ready to face the new realities of life.

Video Resume

You can instruct them to make a minute presentation describing their strengths and why they fit a particular faculty. This one-minute presentation can follow the style of a video resume and should have clear dialogue and accurate subtitles to allow the assessor to get a first impression.


You can also contact the referees of these candidates and find out why they want to recommend these students to direct-entry into higher education. It is up to your own experience to discover if these referees merely associate themselves with these candidates just to give blind support but may not know have enough reasons for their support

Extra-curricular Activities

You may have to create an internal system of grading your potential candidates in terms of the results of their chosen extra-curricular activities. For example, a higher grading can be assigned if the candidates have proven leadership responsibilities.

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Open-ended Questions

You can give all final-round candidates some open-ended questions and ask them to provide their best replies and analysis to the given case studies. Do ensure that you allocate sufficient time for these activities.

Future Thoughts

Pose a question about where their chosen industries will be headed to in the next few years. This is crucial because you do not want a chosen candidate to switch faculties on a whim. Normally, a good candidate will make an effort to read more about the new chosen path.


The truth of the matter is this. Lego blocks are very good for any candidate to highlight what is in his mind. The Lego pieces are of different colours and sizes and are only constrained by the deep recesses of the candidate’s imagination.

Team building exercise and observation

You can also follow-up by allowing each final candidate to join a team of senior students who are already in the higher educational institutions. Break them into different groups and give them group projects to do. Remember to delegate the group presentation to be done by each candidate and then allow the other group members to evaluate them. This is very crucial because their peers are very good judges of competency and maturity.

Bing SEO Techniques

Bing is one of the up and coming search engines in the online community today. I’m sure that you have seen the commercials that have telling you that they are the decision engine not the “search” engine. Pretty good when you think about it. Bing is trying to crawl up the ladder slowly but surely. There are many great reviews about bing from users around the world. Many say that Bing is easier to navigate, more interactive, better customer support, and is more faster and responsive than Google itself. You can search more information on What does this mean for SEO? This means that Bing has plenty of knowledgeable people looking for specific types of information online and are starting to use Bing for answers before Google.

I’m not saying that Google is being threatened by them nor am needarily saying that Bing is better than Google. What I am saying is that you should pay close attention what is going on in the internet as opposed to listening to particular figures that narrow your mind only into a specific strategy or search engine, telling you that this is the only way you can get to people online which is preposterous.

There are three unique strategies that you can use to optimize on You are gong to have to do something a little different from what you have been told. First of all you first need to do a regular search on Google. Once you perform your keyword search on Google (using quotations on the keywords you are looking to use) you will want to take those same keywords or key phrases and place them in the bing search bar as well. You will want to analyze both results and see which one is the best ranked.

You should know that Bing does not favor domain keywords (ie, .net, .info, etc.).’s own domain does not even rank that high their own search engine but they are in the top ten in Google. However, Bing does like and forums.

You will also want to use XHTML as oppose to HTML as Bing optimizes better for XHTML. You will want to be sure that you have the appropriate validation for your XHTML to suit the W3c standards. Bing is also big on meta tags. Google does not give much detail about the amount of characters for optimizing meta tags but Bing states that you should have original tags for each page that you want to establish and should be 25 to 150 characters, 874 characters in your keywords, and the most important keywords in your title and description. Keywords should not repeat more than 4 times or it will look like you are spamming.